Compatible on all Blacklight Retribution versions.

Tested in Win7 32/64bits - Work.

Credits: Gellin ( pushtoconsole, cheats, very good coder, He released the source code 'cabase' and currently have several 'hacks-pubs' for their contribution. )
POWERFEAR ( version for ca-na - coded the dll )
Helicopter2 ( version for ca-na )
vingadormaster ( version for ca-eu - changed ltclient and fixed speed - jump )

Hotkeys - Functions

INSERT - Box ESP + Satelite Chams
HOME - No Fog
PAGE UP - Speed Hack
DELETE - No Spread
END - Bullet Tracers
F9 - Window Mode
F10 - Unlock Cursor
F11 - No Weapon

Camera Views: ( Virtual Jump and Virtual Down, test it, is very good )
ArrowKey Up - View Up
ArrowKey Down - View Down
***You need to press ctrl after using the arrow keys!***

To use Virtual Jump or Down, Press CTRL+Up ( ArrowKey Up ) or CTRL+Down, to desactive Press CTRL+LEFT.

How to use:

1 - Extract all files to your combat arms folder.
2 - Run FInject.exe ( If you use Win7 /Vista Run your Injector / Bypass as admin. )
3 - Open Blacklight Retribution. ( If you use Win7 /Vista Run your Injector / Bypass as admin. )
4 - Ingame Press hotkeys to active hacks.
5 - Fun.

Blacklight Retribution Aimbot + Speed Hack v3.0
Blacklight Retribution Wallhack and Mech Suits v4.1
Blacklight Retribution Private Modded Aimbot v2.0
> Blacklight Retribution Simple Chams 4.5
> Blacklight Retribution Black Cipher v1.0
> Blacklight Retribution Injector / Bypass v3.0

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All files are verified and are 100% clean. Remember to use at your own risk. Happy Hacking!

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Blacklight Retribution Private Modded Aimbot v5.1.2

  • Aimbot
  • Chest Aim
  • Smooth Aim
  • Aim Key
  • Radar
  • ESP
  • Name Tags
  • Objects ESP
  • Bounding Boxes
  • Wallhack
  • Chams
  • No Fog
  • Crosshair
  • No Spread
  • No Recoil
  • No Reload
  • Ghost Mode

Thats it, enjoy!

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