Our hacks are the best in the world, coded personally by r4ge. This hack works with the new Digimon Battle Game. This hack has all the features you could ever want. You can configure every aspect of the hack to work for all out raging on a server. You can also configure it to look like your playing legit so nobody has any idea your cheating, except you!

Digimon Battle has been in open beta for a few weeks now and it looks like the game is ready to hit commercial release. To celebrate that, the team has prepared a┬ámajor update to Digimon Battle, which is set for release tomorrow, May 19, 2010. The new content will include additional maps, Digimon to catch, a whole new Card Digivolution system, and an increase in the level cap. Trainer will be able to achieve the rank of ‘Robust Tamer’ at level 100 and will be able to train their Digimon to level 99.

Instructions(Included in download):

computer (e.g. C:\Program Files\Digimon Battle\)

Step 2: Go to the \BIN folder

Step 3: Inside the folder place the msvcp71.dll and ItemStatHack.dll included (if asked to replace existing msvcp71.dll, click yes)

You can always replace the original msvcp71.dll with the msvcp71.bak included (simply rename it to .dll)

Step 4: Run Digimon Battle, ItemStatHack.dll will be injected and you will see a message box (you will see this message box twice. To move on, simply click OK on both message boxes).

Once Digimon Battle has loaded up, just simply press F1 to change the stats on Gold Ring(1+) and play as usual.

This hack will not work forever so I would suggest that you subscribe by entering your email address below so that you will get new hacks or the updated versions of this hack.

That's it, have fun hacking!

> Digimon Battle Inventory Cell Hack v2.2
> RLS/RIS/RSS Stage Unlimited [Version 3.2.0]
> [RK]Digimon Battle Multi-Hack v2.0

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