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AwsomeCheatsNetwork offers the most advanced and reliable COD5 Hacks in the industry. We feature the most advanced aimbot and visual system. Enhanced Aim's PlanetSide 2 Hacks are considered the best in the industry.

PlanetSide 2 Hacks
Feature List:

Aimbot System
*Auto Aim Automatically aim at target.
*Auto Shoot Automatically fire at target.
*Aim Prediction Adjust for latency when aiming.
*Field of View adjustment Permit a limited angle for aimbot to aim.
*Aim Key Specify an aimbot toggle key.
*Aim Smooth Specify speed of aimbot for human style.
*Aim Team Aim at enemies or teammates.
*Aim Trigger Bot Automatically fire when crosshair is over target.
*Trigger Bot Key Specify a triggerbot key.
*Auto Iron Sights Automatically iron sight.
*Auto Wall Shoots at targets behind walls that bullets can penetrate.
Visual System
*Extra Sensory Perception Draws name, health,  box, distance, and cross on players.
*Chameleon Skins Renders different colors on target based on visibility.
*Crosshair Renders permanent crosshair. Multiple colors and options.
*Perfect No Recoil Removes recoil completely.
*No Flash Removes flash.
*No Smoke Removes smoke.
*Auto Pistol Makes pistols fire as automatics.
*Panic Key Disable hack with push of a button.
*In-Game Menu Adjusts values in-game with a keyboard driven menu.
*Virtual Key Binder Assign any key to perform hack functions.
*Configuration System Save and Load profiles.
*Guides Detailed guides to configure hack for any style of play.

> EnhancedAim Beta (v1.3.2)
> No Recoil Spread + ESP patch v1.4

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