Star Trek Online, often abbreviated as STO, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Cryptic Studios based on the popular Star Trek series created by Gene Roddenberry. The game is set in the 25th century, 30 years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis.[4] Star Trek Online is the first massively multiplayer online role-playing game within the Star Trek franchise.

> Farming hack Star Trek Online v1.5

> Unlimited HP/MP Cheat (Cheat engine)

> Item Dupe Cheat (Cheat engine)


~ Auto Aim (distance / health / crosshair based) 
~ Toggle Option (left shift) 
~ Bone Aim (body prioritized) 
~ Aim Angle 
~ Ping Correction 

~ No Recoil 
~ No Shake 
~ Unlimited Ammo 
~ Unlimited Grenades 

~ Name Tags 
~ Distance Tags 
~ Health Tags (bars) 
~ 3D Bounding Boxes 

~ Fast energy regeneration when standing 
~ 'Write your own hack' option - copyright

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Credits: Uploaded by Slash.D0t