WindSlayer 2, Ignited Games' fast-paced, 2D massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), now includes even more exciting player versus player (PvP) action, as the game's latest updated introduces the team-based Death Match mode. Also included in the update are 36 new premium items for the item shop. Interested players can sign up to play WindSlayer 2 through the official website.


  1. Run WS Helper.exe while Wind Slayer 2 is closed
  2. Have fun playing!

This trainer contains the following:Ctrl + F1 - Pin Typer (wil give HAD after awhile)
Ctrl + F2 - Uber Tubi
Ctrl + F3 - No Breath
Ctrl + F4 - UA (Fixed non DC)
Ctrl + F5 - Fly (Will give GM Police after awhile)
Ctrl + F6 - Instant Drop (Will give HAD after awhile)
Ctrl + F7 - Fall Through Floor (Will give HAD after awhile)
Ctrl + F8 - BLINK GODMODE (whoot, must get hit once if cc/change maps)
Ctrl + F9 - Auto Loot ("Z" key)
Ctrl + F10 - Auto Attack ("A" Key)

    > Wind Slayer 2 Multi-Client v1.4

    > Wind Slayer 2 Pvac+Speed Hack+Bot v5.8.0

    > FuckWindSlayer2 Premium v1.6.7

    > Wind Slayer 2 Injector / Bypass v3.2

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